Split-second photo finish in the 5K Run!

2019 Kingdom Run

10 K Water Station

Photographs by Lisa Robinson

Parking is available around the Common, the Catholic Church and at the Irasburg Elementary School which is a few hundred yards east of the Common on Route 58.

Kingdom Run is an out & back race on a  well-maintained dirt road (pavement to get out of the village) with few houses and low vehicular traffic  The race begins and ends on the quaint and historic Irasburg Common with the use of the Town Hall for facilities and in case of rain.

Runners and walkers may opt for a 5K (3.1mile) or 10K (6.2 mile) event.  Hills are small to moderate with gradual inclines; the increase in elevation being on the way out.

A Half Marathon event offers more challenging terrain to long distance runners with three half-mile sections of incline (but no monster hills) at the 4-mile mark, the 5-mile mark and the on return home 7.5-mile mark.  Trees provide shade along much of the route.

All distances are measured by a global positioning device with mileage markers along the course.  Stunning views of the Jay Peak Range, the Willoughby Gap Range (for half-marathon runners) picturesque farm country, a tree-lined canopy road and even a real stone castle make the Kingdom Run live up to its name in the beautiful and unique Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Water stations are located at the 5K, 10K and half-marathon turn-around points as well as the 5 (and 9) mile marks.

A complimentary munchies buffet of fruit, sandwiches, cheese & crackers, chips, homemade cookies, water and punch is topped off with blueberry sundaes after the race.  Prizes are awarded to the winning walkers and runners in six age categories.

Kingdom Run combines a competitive athletic event with the hospitality and charm of a small rural town in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.