Patricia Rickart wins the Women's 5K Walk:  39:03

2017 Kingdom Run

"Irasburgers" Ken Johnson and Larry & Angela Allard power to the finish line in the 5K Walk

                             48:05                                                                             42:55

Photographs by

Lisa Robinson

Kingdom Run Blue Jacket Awardsfor 10 years of competition at Kingdom Run awarded to:

Danielle Mosher, Tara Nelson, Samuel Brunnette, Selina Hunter, Larry Allard

5K  &  10K  Walks

Kingdom Run Blue Cap Awards for five years of competition at Kingdom Run given to:

Liz Chichester, Trent Casto, Erica Caveney, Brandon Caveney, Robert Johnstone, Caitlin Porrazzo, Michael Porrazzo

Front row:  Aaron Caveney, Mark Caveney

Missing from photograph:  Steve Fortuna, George Hall, Phoebe Osterout, Annabel Sangree, Norman Southward

Dylan Fortin finishes the Men's 5K Walk with gusto!


Roy Gero (the Red Hat Walker) takes 1st place in the Men's 5K walk: 40:56

Special Awards