Kingdom Run Blue Cap Awards for five years of competition at Kingdom Run given to:

Liz Chichester, Trent Casto, Erica Caveney, Brandon Caveney, Robert Johnstone, Caitlin Porrazzo, Michael Porrazzo

Front row:  Aaron Caveney, Mark Caveney

Missing from photograph:  Steve Fortuna, George Hall, Phoebe Osterout, Annabel Sangree, Norman Southward

Roy Gero (the Red Hat Walker) takes 1st place in the Men's 5K walk: 40:56

Special Awards

"Irasburgers" Ken Johnson and Larry & Angela Allard power to the finish line in the 5K Walk

                             48:05                                                                             42:55

Photographs by

Lisa Robinson

Dylan Fortin finishes the Men's 5K Walk with gusto!


2017 Kingdom Run

Patricia Rickart wins the Women's 5K Walk:  39:03

5K  &  10K  Walks

Kingdom Run Blue Jacket Awardsfor 10 years of competition at Kingdom Run given to:

Danielle Mosher, Tara Nelson, Samuel Brunnette, Selina Hunter, Larry Allard