Photographs by

Lisa Robinson

Sam Brunnette wins top honors in the Men's 10K: 35:46

Sam Brunnette, Eric Lothrop, Roger Prevot, George Kominos, Robert Johnstone

Missing from photograph:  David Ozahowski

Tara Nelson wins the 40-49 age division and is 2nd overall:  45:31

Roger Prevot wins the 50-59 age division: 41:46 and is 5th overall

Jonathan Terhune takes 2nd in the 50-59 age division: 48:47

Melanie Benson finishes 4th overall and wins the 50-59 age division:  49:54

David Ozahowski is 3rd overall and wins the 40-49 age division: 40:38

Jennifer Moltz wins top honors in the Women's 10K:  43:55

Garret Ferguson finishes 4th overall with a time of 41:44

5K & 10K Start

10K  Run

2017 Kingdom Run

Jennifer Moltz,  Tara Nelson,  Melanie Benson,  Lynn Brennan

Missing from photograph: Erin Magoon